What the federal Government is saying about coronavirus

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The federal Government have issued out warning about the deadly virus.

The federal ministry of health stated this in a meeting that all citizen of Nigerian in and outside the country should be careful and health concuss about the deadly corona virus.

Also to stay away from people who suffer from fever, vol-meting, etc. And advice to always wash your hands carefully before eating.

The corona-virus was first discover from Wuhan, china on 31 December 2019.

However a total of 31,161 infections and 636 deaths from the new corona-virus across china as of Thursday, according to the National Health Commission.

On Friday, Doctor Lil Wenliang, a 33 year old ophthalmologist at a hospital in Wuham, was announce dead of the disease where he was being treated.

According to World Health Organization the corona-virus has also spread in some countries of the world.

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  1. This virus sounds so scary. I have been watching the news about it very closely. The quarantines and lockdowns sound terrifying.

  2. I think the media is exaggerating a lot and is scaring people. The coronavirus is the same as the flu virus. It is deadly for people with respiratory problems or ones with low immune systems. But what the media does not say is how many people actually got cured, which is pretty much everyone else who didn’t die.

  3. It is scary… this corona virus. Although it’s not as strong in SARS it’s quite easier to catch. Here in the Philippines we’ve run out on masks and people are hoarding like crazy. I hope things get resolved soon.

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