Following the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, Samsung is set to fight the deadly epidemic by launching its new Samsung Galaxy sanitizing service for Samsung products users around the world. 

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Major countries where the outbreak has really been outrageous and the death toll increasing everyday with more victims tested positive will benefit from the new development. The gadgets to be sanitised include: Smartphones, watches and buds. These gadgets will be sanitised by using the UV-C light for free at its service centers. Therefore the service will be available for only Samsung users at Samsung’s service centers.
The company will not be using harmful materials and chemicals as it might cause damage to them.
The report future mentioned that the UV-C devices, that it will be using clean the Samsung devices will not also affect the phone’s performance and functional ability.
It should be noted that the UV-C devices are made by third party manufacturers and not made by Samsung.
Meanwhile, the company is also set to move temporarily from South Korea to Vietnam after one of their Korean staff was examined positive by health experts forcing one of the factories to close down at the City of Gumi in S.Korea

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