Rayvanny – Sisi Ft DJ Joozey & S2kizzy

Rayvanny – Sisi Ft DJ Joozey & S2kizzy

Rayvanny’s song titled “Sisi” featuring DJ Joozey and S2kizzy was not released or officially announced. However, it’s worth noting that the music industry is constantly evolving, and new songs may have been released after my last update. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about the song “Sisi,” I recommend checking the latest news, music platforms, or Rayvanny’s official social media channels for any updates on the track.

If the song “Sisi” has been released since my last update, I apologize for not having any specific details about it. Nevertheless, Rayvanny is a talented Tanzanian musician known for his hit songs, and collaborations with artists like DJ Joozey and S2kizzy would likely create an exciting and enjoyable music experience for fans of Bongo Flava and African music in general.

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