Keyboard shortcuts you might not really know

It is quite clear that many of us uses computers — I mean P.Cs. And statistics has shown that an average Nigerian’s P.C runs on a Windows operating system. Although quite a number of people uses Mac. But here in this article, I’m going to talk about Windows 7 operating system keyboard shortcuts. So if you’re using Windows 7-10, this article will be really helpful.

So  what are keyboard shortcut keys?

Keyboard shortcuts, as the name implies are keys you press to invoke a certain command. You can press just a key or a combination of keys to command your computer to do a certain activity.. They basically helps you work faster without having to go all through the stress of moving your mouse cursor to perform certain activities. So here are some keyboard shortcuts I have for you. You just have to master them so when next you are working, you’ll apply these commands.

  1. Alt+F = File menu options in program
  2. Alt+E= Open edit options
  3. Alt+Tab= Switch between open tabs
  4. F1= Help info
  5. F2= Rename a file
  6. F5= Refresh the current program opened
  7. Ctrl+D= Bookmark internet page
  8. Ctrl+N =Create new document or Open a new tab
  9. Ctrl+O = Open a certain file
  10. Ctrl+A= Select All in a document or page
  11. Ctrl+B= Bold
  12. Ctrl+C= Copy
  13. Ctrl+I= Italics
  14. Ctrl+U= Underline
  15. Ctrl+F= Open Find window
  16. Ctrl S= Save
  17. Ctrl+Shift+S= Save as
  18. Ctrl+X= Cut
  19. Ctrl+V= Paste
  20. Ctrl+Z= Undo
  21. Ctrl+Y= Redo
  22. Ctrl+K= Insert hyperlink to text
  23. Ctrl+P= Print
  24. Ctrl+Esc=  Open start menu. The windows key alone can also open start menu
  25. Ctrl+ Left Arrow Key= Move word to the left
  26. Ctrl+ Right Arrow Key= Move word to the right
  27. Ctrl+ Home= Beginning of Document
  28. Fn+ Windows Key+Print Scrn= Screenshot
  29. Alt+Enter= Open properties of selected item
  30. Ctrl+Shift+ Esc= Open task Manager

You can also use the arrow keys to navigate through your computer.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


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