How to upload a theme

Hello Awa9ja Readers, today we will be showing to you the full steps on “How to upload a theme“. is a platform for publishers that allows google account users to be able to create their own blogs. It is solely owned & managed by Google. Having a blog is very awesome, you can use free templates to make your blog look beautiful or you can customise your theme and upload it to your blog in .xml file format. Also, is highly recommended if you are quite new to blogging.


  1. Sign in via website using your google account 

How to upload a themeHow to upload a theme

2. Click on theme tab to enable you edit/change your blog’s template

How to upload a theme

3. Go to the top right corner & click on ‘Backup/Restore’ as seen below in the picture aid.

How to upload a theme

4. Now, this is where we are going to click on ‘choose file’,  then select the .xml file of the theme to upload from your document.

How to upload a theme

5. So, after selecting the file, click on upload & immediately your template will be visible in your blog. 

6. Lastly, click on the ‘setting icon’ as seen where the arrow is pointing below in the picture aid, then select ” No. Show desktop theme on mobile theme”.

How to upload a theme


How to upload a theme



We hope that our post is very helpful to you in changing your theme. Thank you for reading our post.


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